Saint George Beach Naxos Greece

Location, Saint George Beach

3-minute walk to the beach

Kallisti Studios is situated at a quiet location at Saint George beach just 3-minute walk from the sand.

Saint George Beach in Naxos Town (the capital of Naxos Island) is the most famous resort on the Island. It is located at the so named bay (after the chapel of Saint George) and it is over 1 kilometre long with fine sand and shallow waters which makes it safe for kids. The resort provides all kind of amenities may be required, mini markets, laundry, cash point machines, car and motorbike rentals included. Infact you have everything you wish at your steps. Maybe it's one of the very few resorts where you can spend all day and night on it without getting bored.

Saint George Beach Portara in Naxos Town


  • Beach: 130 metres
  • Naxos Town Main Square: 300 metres
  • Mini Market: 70 metres
  • Car and Bike rentals: 70 metres

Naxos Island

Naxos is located in the center of Cyclades islands, in the heart of the Aegean Sea. The biggest and most fertile island of Cyclades, that stands out for its history through centuries as well as for its unique landscape beauty. According to Greek mythology, Naxos, is the homeland of god Dionysus and that’s why tradition wants the island to gifted and blessed by god Dionysos himself.

Touring across the island is an open challenge – invitation to each traveler. The choices the island offers can satisfy every taste and need. The landscape’s diversities, the green and fertile valleys and the hilly mountains, prove the outstanding beauty of naxian countryside. Those who seek a place with a great past can visit the numerous archeological sites and the monuments that tell the island’s history through time. On the other hand, for those who want to see unprecedented beauties, walking through the picturesque villages of Naxos, is ideal.

The summer requires coastlines and sea. Countless beaches with crystal clear waters are waiting for you. Naxos is a place that every time leaves its visitors with a craving to visit it not only again but soon enough as well.

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